John Duncan Campbell

John "Jack" Duncan Campbell

Born April 22, 1923 Hamilton ON. Died May 27, 2022 Edmonton AB.

Jack obtained a BSc from McMaster (1944), MSc from UBC (1949), and PhD from McGill (1952), where he met his wife, Connie Carter, who pre-deceased him in 1989.

Survived by two sons: Duncan and Carter (Elya), and three grandchildren: Carter (Sherri), Zhora, and Miles.

Skilled at working with old technologies as well as understanding new sciences, Jack, while employed by the Geological Survey of Canada, carried out the last Summer survey in Yukon Territory that used pack animals before the switch to helicopters.

Married in Montreal in June of 1953, Jack and Connie then moved to Edmonton, where Jack spent his professional career as a Paleobotanist with the Alberta Research Council, conducting the provincial coal survey. He continued his career as a consultant and was a practising Life member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) well into his 90s.

A gentleman for all seasons, the “Jack Campbell” whom various people met in different times, places and circumstances was the same calm, collected, and genuine person. Beyond his family connections, Jack loved the arts and the sciences: he was an Edmonton Opera season tickets holder for over 50 years, and he was an avid outdoor enthusiast, particularly enjoying many canoe and camping trips with friends.

No matter where Alberta rivers took him, Jack always had a story of the time he surveyed its banks, and could even locate his own coal survey drill holes 50 years later.

like tears in rain.