Fubar el Haq

This is Me ;^)
Words I Try To Live By

Honesty before Honor,
Mercy before Sacrifice,
Compassion before Righteousness,
and Love before all else.

Well, Duty counts for a lot too...
I am who I am. Naturally contrarian. I live for the causes others would die for. Toolmaker, Pathfinder, Childminder, Farseer. But never King ;-)

Oh yah, there's another adjective to consider ...
I call myself a Pagan 'cause Heretic is a
really nasty label with a long history of misuse
and abuse of my kin and kind.
"Thou art fair, my love. There is no spot in thee."

The thing about time travel is that excercise of the aformentioned virtues makes no attempt to deviate significantly from the final outcome of things. The excercise of choice or free will allows us to choose to "skip" the nastier bits within mind's reach. The peculiar idempotency of 1 may be imagined as a fulcrum on which to move much ;-)

And no, I did not invent the internet.
But I spent over 40 years as its number 1 cheerleader ;-)

And other thing too: I leave vengeance and such to the Lord, so his _is_ mine.
Myway _is_ the Highway.